Grandy Zine Systems is a small business specialising in the design and provision of small to medium-sized database solutions.  Founded in 2000, our systems can be found anywhere from small, single-person businesses to multinational companies.

We are located in Ballarat, Victoria, but we also service clients located in suburban Melbourne.
What can we do for you?
Our strengths are in reliability and user-interface design; we are committed to providing the best possible product that requires minimal maintenance, while being intuitive and logical to use.
Our expertise lies both in consulting and programming; communication skills play a vital part in the initial consulting process and throughout the design phase of a project. In short, we endeavour to provide what the client actually needs, not just what they ask for.
Our tools come primarily from the Microsoft suite of products. For example:
  • Microsoft Access - where cost and speed of development are a concern. Access is ideal for small businesses who need a database solution that is reliable, is easily modified and uses less than 1 GB of data. Access is also excellent for rapid prototyping - for example, if you have an idea that you want to try out quickly and cheaply before committing to a bigger, long-term solution.
  • Other Microsoft Office products - Access is, of course, part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, which also includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook among others. Often when we design a Microsoft Access application, we are asked to integrate it with other parts of Office. For example, you may need a solution which automatically generates invoices and attaches them to an email addressed to your customer; or you may need to have data output to Excel and specially formatted as a report.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or C# - where speed, reliability and usability are primary concerns, within a Windows-based environment. Projects of this type use the Microsoft .NET Framework, and provide the greatest flexibility in user-interface design, using the Windows Presentation Foundation. .NET also provides the tools for communication across the Internet by means of Web Services, which use the Windows Communication Foundation.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET - where Web-browser based interfaces are needed. ASP is ideal for web site design, but also for Web-based user interfaces, such as database access across multiple client platforms. It also uses the .NET Framework.
  • Microsoft SQL Server - a back-end database technology, SQL Server provides maximum reliability and scalability for database systems. It can be found anywhere from smartphones to datacentres. We recommend it for database systems larger than 1 GB. Also, Microsoft Access databases can be upgraded to SQL Server for data storage when needed.
  • Universal Windows Platform apps - Microsoft's newest mobile technologies also form part of our skill set, and allow us to provide fast, fluid and intuitive interfaces that are ideal for touch-based interfaces, and which can run on any Windows 10 device.
We are also happy to provide personalised training in any of our systems.